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遠距醫療照護系統實驗室 Telemedicine & Telehealth System Laboratory 為由中原大學生物醫學工程系 蘇美如老師帶領,研究以「智慧照護輔助系統」(Smart Care Assistive System ; SCAS)為核心之醫療長照整合之創新應用,整合醫用系統設計、生理訊號、人工智慧與數據分析應用,並與醫護人員跨領域合作研究,以進行 (1)臨床問題研究、(2)系統需求與數據分析、(3)智慧系統設計與實作、(4)驗證與評估;應用於急性醫療、復健醫療、長期照護與音樂治療領域,以此方式完成智慧照護輔助系統(Smart Care Assistive System ; SCAS) ,與指導學生和醫療端合作完成醫電系統.國際合作獲RTI 公司University Program支持,進行遠距醫療相關研究 

The Telemedicine & Telehealth System Laboratory, led by Professor Su Mei-ju of the Biomedical Engineering Department at Chung Yuan Christian University, focuses on innovative applications in integrated healthcare for the elderly using a "Smart Care Assistive System" (SCAS) as its core. The research involves the integration of medical system design, physiological signals, artificial intelligence, and data analysis applications. Interdisciplinary collaboration with healthcare professionals is conducted to explore (1) clinical problem research, (2) system requirements and data analysis, (3) smart system design and implementation, and (4) verification and evaluation.

The research is applied in the fields of acute healthcare, rehabilitation medicine, long-term care, and music therapy. The ultimate goal is to develop and implement the Smart Care Assistive System (SCAS). This involves collaborating with and guiding students to work with healthcare professionals to complete biomedical systems. International cooperation receives support from the RTI Company's University Program for telemedicine-related research.

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